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Renewed Raw Materials

Compressed pellets
Extruded beads
Plastic fence

About Lazarus Polymers

Lazarus Polymers recovers, processes and renews mixed waste film plastics - turning this abundant (and currently wasted) resource into a renewed raw material for conversion into recycled plastic products.

Our Products

Compressed polyolefin pellets

Compressed pellets

A simple, easy to use compound of cleaned mixed polyolefin polymers.

Extruded beads

Extruded beads

Totally homogenous cleaned, extruded and filtered polymer beads.  We can tailor the process to suit customers by adding masterbatch or other additives as required to the bead extrusion stage.

What our customers make from
recycled plastic

Plastic fence
Plastic kerb
Kids play park
Crib wall
Plastic path

Sustainability in Practice

The sustainability of our model is clear.  Resources which are currently incinerated or worse - landfilled - are recycled into truly useful everyday products.

Once these products reach end-of-life, they can be shredded and reused again in the Lazarus Polymers process.  Additionally, any reject plastics products made by our customers can, likewise, be reused as feed material in the Lazarus Polymers process.

Furthermore, the non-polymer (organic) fraction extracted in the separation stage is not wasted, but used to fuel an on-site boiler to provide heat for the process.


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